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Hello! I Am Chequita Walker

Welcome to All Natural Remedies! I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, handcrafted remedies sourced from nature's bounty. Each product in my collection is meticulously formulated with organic ingredients known for their healing properties. Whether you're seeking relief from everyday ailments or aiming to enhance your overall wellness journey, my goal is to offer remedies that promote natural healing and restore balance to your life. Embrace the power of nature with my range of organic solutions, crafted with care. Check out my eBook that gives you information on our 1st product "Comfrey". Along with your eBook purchase, you will also receive a free sample of Comfrey. If you love the oil, please visit our shop & purchase more of our Organic Double Infused Comfrey Oil. Make sure you follow our store so that you will be updated when we roll out our next eBook or product. Thank you for checking out my shop!

What people are saying!!!

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I have a Meniscus tear plus inflammation in my knee & in my back. Every since I began using the comfrey oil, it makes my knee & back feel much better. It has taken away the inflammation.

M. Mason

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I had issues with swelling in my knees & ankles. I have been using comfrey for a few months now & I am no longer experiencing pain!!!

S. Gray

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Since using comfrey, It has helped the swelling in my leg due to inflammation. There was also a rash that was on my leg & since applying comfrey it has disappeared.

W. Walker

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I have experienced pain in my finger & since using comfrey, the pain has subsided. I have also used it after I leave the gym for my sore muscles.

A. Karamo

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I have only used it 2 times so far and it seems as though the bone is losing some swelling!!!

S. Mason

Comfrey- One of nature's secret weapon against inflammation and pain.

Comfrey is effective in alleviating discomfort and promoting overall well-being. From its rich botanical profile to its practical applications, prepare to discover how comfrey can become your go-to solution for managing inflammation and pain.